In the Internet you are right, if you are looking for a high-quality, English-language editing and you precision and linguistic sensitivity are important.

My team includes two experienced lecturers who have studied German and English / American Studies or Applied Linguistics and Transcultural Communication. We proofread university papers (bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation or doctoral thesis), PR- and marketing texts, customer magazines, websites, fiction and non-fiction books, but pay attention to the fact that we are familiar with the vocabulary.

If we have the impression that we are not the right person for your text, we will pronounce that. Openness and satisfied customers are important to us.

What we can do for you

We make sure that you give out a flawless text that reads well. You will see: text correction and linguistic refinement (comprehensibility, sentence structure, sentence length etc.) pay off!

We read each text at least twice, and our work has nothing to do with what many people call “read through.” We check each sentence for errors and if necessary, we shorten it, put it around, etc.

The exact scope of the proofreading depends on the quality of your text, your wishes and, ultimately, the type of text. While we (in consultation with you) in marketing texts or book manuscripts in terms of content and stylistic quite definitely intervene more strongly, we go with university work in a different way: Here we smooth out stylistic bumps very carefully and change the content of anything. For academic theses, it is important to us to preserve the limit to ghostwriting.

If your text is formulated fluently, a proofreading is sufficient. We would be happy to advise you on whether your text makes a proofreading or copy-reading process useful. For belletristic texts we also offer a detailed feedback.

This is how an editorial takes place in the Schreibwerkstatt Wien

In order to be able to calculate the order, I first need your manuscript or a longer text sample. For companies, we also like to proofread PDFs, students and private individuals, I ask, if possible to send me a DOC file.

If you send me the manuscript, please let me know as well when it should be proofread.

If we have looked closely at your manuscript, you will receive via e-mail a written estimate including a schedule. For larger orders (dissertation, book) you will receive a free estimate of at least one page. If the quote is available, decide if you want to hire us.

How much does the editing work in the Schreibwerkstatt Wien cost?


For companies or company texts, I calculate on an hourly basis. We work with an hourly rate of 70 euros plus 20% VAT.


For private individuals, we calculate on the basis of standard pages, whereby a standard page includes 1 500 characters including spaces. Please calculate with a price of about 6 Euro incl. 20% VAT per standard page. Depending on the quality of your text, the price may be slightly lower or higher.

The price of the editing depends on the effort

The final price depends on the effort. Depending on the effort, we can proofread a maximum of 8 to 10 standard pages per hour (often much less).

Please understand that I can not give you an exact price without knowing your manuscript. It would be dubious, I would just calculate into the blue.

How long does proofreading take?

Of course, this depends on the length of the text and the correction effort. For a thesis or master’s thesis that covers 80 pages, you should plan in about five to seven working days. Incidentally, time also needs the calculation. In order to be able to estimate the effort, we must look closely at your text. For short texts this can be done within one to two days, for longer work (dissertation, book, etc.) this usually takes a little longer, especially since we always do a proofreading in these cases.

By the way, two-stage proofing is often time-consuming, which often pays off both in book projects and in PR and marketing texts.

Can I reserve a time slot for editorial work?

I am always asked if we have time in two, three, four, etc. weeks to proofread a particular text. I can tell you what our time capacities look like, but they are constantly changing. I can only reserve a time slot for your project when I have submitted an offer and you have commissioned the editing. In any case, you can be sure that I will do my best to complete the job according to your desired timing.

I need this information to create a proofreading offer

1 text

If your text is already finished, please send it to me completely. We proofread Wordfiles and PDFs. If the text is to be proofread in Word (this is the most sensible way for university work and belletristic texts), please email me the Word file.

If your text is not ready yet, send me the parts you already wrote, as well as details of the total amount. For Word files, the total amount is determined by the number of characters including spaces.

Get a non-binding offer

If you click the green button below, you can (if you have an e-mail program installed on your PC) send me an e-mail with your text or a text sample attached. Of course, I treat your text confidentially.

By submitting your message, you agree that the Schreibwerkstatt Wien will store your data (name, e-mail address, address, telephone number) for the submission of the offer and, if necessary, for the processing of the proofreading order as well as for the accounting. You can revoke this consent at any time via e-mail, letter or telephone.