Difference between proofreading and correction

The difference between a proofreading and a proofreading lies in the scope of work and of course the two services also cost different amounts. At the same time, proofreading is the more elaborate option because we also improve your text stylistically here.


Editing is about correcting spelling, grammar, and comma mistakes and optimizing the text for styling (stylistic corrections). In addition, we pay attention to uniform spellings.

What else we correct or comment on depends on the type of text and the quality of the manuscript: sometimes it is about shortening the text and / or pointing to contentual discrepancies.

For fictional texts the story has to be well told, and of course there are huge differences, depending on the competence and experience of the author. Often, the text must first be exposed. Then there is a huge part of the editing, to delete superfluous or to streamline the story.

We treat the proofreading of a bachelor thesis, master thesis or diploma thesis, doctoral thesis or dissertations with special care: Here we naturally correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. We do not intervene in the text (otherwise we would end up in the Ghostwriting), but very well in the form of comments on inconsistencies. We pay attention to a consistent citation, but otherwise assume that the students themselves know how to cite correctly, especially when they have to put a document and when not. It also means that proofreading does not involve plagiarism.


In a proofreading we correct only spelling and punctuation. In addition, of course, we also take care in a proofreading to uniform spellings. Stylistically, however, we do not interfere with a proofreading in the text. This means that a proofreading only makes sense for very well-written texts.

For reasons of time or cost, to make only a proofreading, although a review would be useful, for us incidentally out of the question. We can not imagine handing over a manuscript that still needs to be revised after our work. Quality is what counts for us!

If you are not sure whether you need a proofreading or a proofreading, we are happy to advise you!

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