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Many self-employed and small businesses write their own website, according to the motto: Everyone can write. That’s true, but very few are sure in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

And a website with mistakes is not a convincing business card that you use to attract customers. Many people conclude that the linguistic quality of a website is based on the professional competence of the owner. For a professional website is therefore always an editorial. What can such a website editorial and what not? And: How is the editing of a website?

The scope of service if you have your website proofread

As part of the editing of a website spelling, grammar and punctuation are corrected. In addition, each editor pays attention to uniform spellings and intelligibility. She or he shares long sentences and unravels nesting sets. This is important because visitors to a website are generally impatient. They want to understand immediately if they are right with their concerns and get help. If you do not make that clear on your website, the visitors are quickly gone again. They want to capture the content quickly, even if they do not read every single sentence. Therefore, short, meaningful sentences, please.

Which is not part of the editing

A complete revision of the texts

Many a website is so poorly texted that an editorial office can not save it. Or in other words: By editing it does not become a customer magnet. In such a case, once a copywriter is required, which circumscribes the texts, which includes changes and additions. Only then can the texts be proofread.

A reputable editor who understands something from websites will tell you honestly if your lyrics are overworked. Do not be disappointed if you are sent back, so to speak, but take this as an important insight on the way to a really well-written website.

The search engine optimization

The search engine optimization (SEO) is never part of a review. In order to optimize your website texts for better discoverability on Google, you need an experienced SEO copywriter or an experienced SEO copywriter who knows how to identify keywords and their search volume and where the keywords are placed in the text have to.

Alternatively, you can also get an SEO specialist or an SEO specialist on board. If your keyword-optimized texts are then ready for copy-editing, you should name your editor the individual keywords. It is important that they stay in the text, where the SEO professional has placed them.

Since I am an SEO copywriter, I can optimize your website texts. But this is an additional task that has nothing to do with the editing.

This is how website editing takes place

I sometimes get requests like these: “What would it cost to proofread my website? Here is the link: … “If the website has only four to five navigation points, I can of course submit an offer. But if there are more navigation points and more subpages are added and maybe even a shop, the offer is very complex. Of course it helps the editor, if you send her or him the sitemap, but she or he must also see the length and quality of the individual texts.

It’s best to send all the texts in a Word file. For the editor, this is an optimal working basis. Of course, editorial work can also be done directly in the content management system (CMS), but very few website owners are willing to accept it (even if they can assign different rights in the editing process).

In short: think in advance how the editor can easily obtain a precise overview of the website texts and where the editing should take place – in Word files or directly in the CMS.

Thereafter, nothing stands in the way of a quick bid and your website can be proud of in the end.

Speaking of: Do you know the difference between website, website and homepage?

The three terms website, website, and homepage are often used as synonyms, although this is incorrect.

A website is the entire website.

A website is a single navigation point of a website.

And a homepage is the homepage of a website.

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